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Co-Authoring Documents in Word 2010
To combine additional documents, combine the resulting Combined Document with
another document containing changes.
At times, you might want to compare two documents side-by-side without merging
them. In those cases, you should adjust your view without using the Compare or
Combine features. To learn how to use the View Side By Side feature, see Chapter 8.
What happened to the File Versions feature?
In previous versions of Word, you could save versions of your document and store the
information within the document file. You can now review the versions of your
document by clicking the File tab and, in the Info tab of Backstage view, review the files
listed in the Versions area. If you want to recover a version of the file you didn’t save,
click Manage Versions and choose Recover Draft Versions. Then, in the Open dialog
box, click the file you want and click Open.
Co-Authoring Documents in Word 2010
When you are working with colleagues to produce an important document, being able
to work collaboratively—and communicate while you’re working—is an important part
of keeping the project on track. Word 2010 now includes a co-authoring feature, with
which you can edit a document simultaneously—while others are working in the file as
well. As each person edits the file, the section being edited is locked so the other person
can’t change that section. Both you and your co-author can see the changes being made
in real time, and contact each other online using the presence features available through
Office Communicator. This can help you resolve questions quickly, edit documents
concurrently, and finalize your work in a fraction of the time a shared project might have taken
In order to use Word’s co-authoring features, you need to save the document to either a
SharePoint Workspace 2010 site or your Windows Live SkyDrive account. Set the necessary
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