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Working with Document Properties in the Info Tab
If you use the document with SharePoint, properties you specify might also appear as
fields in document libraries.
The Tag Information I Specify Doesn’t Seem to Be Showing Up
When I Select the File in the Operating System
The tag information you add to the document through Word 2010 does remain with
the file; however, the search indexer might need time to index the newly saved
document. Additionally, Windows 7 might not locate the file until you save and close (not
simply save) the document. Save and close the file before you search for it using your
operating system, and the file should appear as part of the results list displayed after
you search for the tag.
For more information on inserting and working with the document property controls
in your document, see Chapter 7, “Creating and Reusing Your Content.”
Adding and Contacting Co-Authors
You can also add, modify, and make contact with your co-authors for the current file from
the Info tab. To add a co-author to your document, follow these steps:
1. Click in the Related People area.
2. Place your cursor in the Add An Author box and type the name of the co-author you
want to add.
As you begin typing, Word searches for contacts in your local or global Outlook
contacts lists that match the text you enter.
3. Click the co-author you want to add from the list that appears or finish typing the
name in the box, and press Enter.
The names are added to the Author list, as you see in Figure 2-7.
Figure 2-7 On the Info tab, you can create a list of co-authors who work on the current
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