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Troubleshooting Co-Authoring
Click the indicator in the status bar showing the number of authors currently working on
the document; a popup list displays the names of your co-authors (see Figure 22-13). Click
the name of the person you want to contact, and that person’s contact card appears (see
Figure 22-14).
Figure 22-13 Click the indicator in the status bar to see who else is working in your document.
Figure 22-14 Your co-author’s contact card offers different ways to communicate.
The contact card provides you with several different ways to contact your co-author. You
can choose one of the following options:
Send an e-mail message to the author
Start an instant messaging conversation
Make a phone call
Schedule a meeting
Troubleshooting Co-Authoring
The new co-authoring features in Word 2010 are great when you need to collaborate in
real time using either SharePoint Workspace 2010 or the Word Web App. Not all files make
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