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Working with Document Properties in the Info Tab
Adding authors to the Author list does not give them the permissions they need to
share the document; nor does it make the document available to them in any kind of
shared folder, such as a folder available on SharePoint Workspace or Windows Live
SkyDrive. In order to take advantage of the full co-authoring features in Word 2010, you
need to give your co-authors the necessary permissions to work in the file and save the
file to a location they can access. You learn more about the entire co-authoring process
in Chapter 22, “Collaborating and Co-Authoring in Real Time.”
Why add co-authors to the Author list? For one thing, compiling a list of people working on
the current document gives you access to the people you might need to contact related to
various aspects of the project. Then if you want to contact one of your co-authors, you can
simply click the name of the person on the Info tab and choose the way in which you want
to communicate.
If you are working with Office Communicator or Microsoft Exchange, a presence indicator
lets you know who among your co-authors is currently online and available for contact and
who is not. In Figure 2-7, for example, Beth’s presence icon shows green, which means she
is available for online contact. Rosemary’s presence icon, on the other hand, shows yellow,
which means she is currently away and unavailable for contact. When you click the name of
a co-author, the contact card appears, giving you four different ways to contact the person,
as shown in the following illustration:
Click to display
contact details
Instant Message
Schedule a
Phone call
You’ll learn more about the various ways of contacting your co-authors in Chapter 22.
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