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Adding TOC Entries Manually
Change the number of levels that are displayed in your table of contents by clicking
the up arrow or the down arrow in the Show Levels field to increase or decrease the
value, respectively.
If you’re preparing a Web document and want a traditional TOC to appear instead
of links, you can clear the Use Hyperlinks Instead Of Page Numbers check box. This
causes page numbers and tab leaders to be displayed in the Web document.
The Options and Modify buttons in the Table Of Contents dialog box display options
with which you can choose the headings and styles that are used in your table of
contents. For more about customizing the styles of your TOC, see the section titled
“Changing TOC Styles,” on page 715.
After you select the settings you want to use for your TOC, click OK to save your selections
and return to the document. The table of contents is inserted at the cursor position.
Adding TOC Entries Manually
You aren’t limited to using only headings in your table of contents. You can select any word
or phrase in your document for inclusion in the TOC by selecting the text you want to use
in the table of contents and pressing the shortcut key combination Alt+Shift+O. The Mark
Table Of Contents Entry dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 23-5, and the entry you
highlighted appears in the Entry box.
Figure 23-5 Enter TOC entries manually in the Mark Table Of Contents Entry dialog box.
You can click Mark to add the entry or, if you have more than one table of contents in the
current document, click the Table Identifier arrow and choose to which TOC you want to
assign this entry. (This step is unnecessary if you’re creating only one TOC at a time.)
Another change you can make if you choose, involves the level at which the table of
contents entry is displayed. In the Level box, enter the level at which you want the entry to be
listed. The first-level entry is the default. This controls the amount of space by which the
entry is indented.
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