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Editing and Updating a TOC
The easiest way to apply a table of contents format, of course, is to click the one you like
in the Table Of Contents gallery. If you want to see what other formats are available or
choose something different, you can use the Format list in the Table Of Contents dialog
box. The formats shown there—From Template, Classic, Distinctive, Fancy, Modern, Formal,
and Simple—offer different combinations of text styles for your TOC. If you are working
with a template, the From Template option might be selected for you by default. Make your
choice and click OK; you’ll be able to see the results in the Print Preview and Web Preview
windows at the top of the dialog box. When you find the format you want to use, click OK.
The table of contents is created and formats are assigned as you selected.
If you want to change the format of a table of contents you’ve already created, select
the table before you display the Table Of Contents dialog box. Next, click the Formats
arrow, click the style you want, and then click OK. Word displays a message box asking
whether you want to replace the selected TOC. Click OK to update the selected TOC
with the new format.
Headings are missing in my TOC.
After you generate a table of contents for your Word document, review the document
and check your headings carefully. If any headings are missing in the TOC, it might be
because you’ve added the headings in text boxes or shapes.
Word creates your table of contents by gathering all the headings and table of contents
entry fields. If you’ve placed text in objects that you’ve added to the document, the
entries might not be found automatically. To add these items to the TOC, just select the
text items, copy them, and paste them on the text layer. Finally, press F9 to update the
Editing and Updating a TOC
As you work with your document, you are likely to make changes to it, moving sections
around and adding and editing headings and text. When you make a heading change, your
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