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Editing and Updating a TOC
TOC consequently becomes obsolete and no longer reflects your most recent changes. To
correct this, you can update the table of contents in two different ways:
Press F9.
Click Update Table in the contextual tab that appears at the top of the TOC when it is
selected (see Figure 23-6).
Figure 23-6 The table of contents object offers an Update Table tool that becomes
available when you click it.
Word searches the document and updates the TOC to reflect any changes you’ve made to
You can use the contextual TOC commands to choose a different style for your TOC as
well. To do so, select the table of contents and click the Table Of Contents arrow ( just
to the left of the Update Table command). The Table Of Contents gallery appears, from
which you can choose a different TOC style.
Caution !
To remove a TOC, use the Remove Table Of Contents, found at the bottom of the Table
Of Contents gallery instead of deleting the TOC field. When you manually delete a
TOC, hidden bookmarks are left in the document that could later cause incorrect
references in the TOC, or if too many bookmarks have been added it can result in document
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