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Matching Entry Styles to TOC Levels
Matching Entry Styles to TOC Levels
Part of making sure the right entries show up in your table of contents in the right way
involves ensuring that they are mapped to the right TOC levels. The Table Of Contents
Options dialog box is where you make that happen. For example, Headings 1, 2, and 3 are
assigned to TOC levels 1, 2, and 3. This indicates that Heading 1 is shown as level 1,
meaning it will be aligned with the left margin of your document. Level 2 appears indented one
tab position, and level 3 is indented two tabs from the left margin. You can set additional
levels as well if your document requires that level of detail in the TOC.
To add styles to the TOC, scroll down through the list to find other styles in your
document—either styles you’ve created or existing styles—and then enter a TOC level in the
text boxes on the right. The styles you select are included in the TOC when it’s generated,
appearing according to the level you specify. Click OK to save your changes, and then click
Yes when prompted about whether you want to replace the existing table of contents with
the updated table.
Changing TOC Styles
When you are working with styles in the Table Of Contents Options dialog box, the styles
that are available are taken from the template being used to format your document. If
you’ve selected From Template in the Formats list in the Table Of Contents dialog box, the
Modify button is enabled. When you click Modify, the Style dialog box appears, and you’re
given the choice of adding, deleting, or changing the styles used in the table of contents.
When you click Modify in the Style dialog box, the Modify Style dialog box appears, in
which you can make font and formatting changes to the selected style (see Figure 23-9).
Figure 23-9 Changing entry style in the Style dialog box.
Select the item you want to change in the Styles list. The specifications used to create the
look appear in the description box at the bottom of the dialog box. Preview shows you how
that particular item is formatted. Click Modify to make changes to the style.
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