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Adding Indexes
In the Modify Style dialog box, you can make all kinds of modifications to the style of the
table of contents. You’ve seen this dialog box before—it’s the same one you use to change
styles throughout the rest of your document. Make any necessary changes and click OK
to save the new settings. Click OK in the Style dialog box to save the changes to the style.
Finally, click OK once more to return to your document then update the TOC by pressing F9.
For a refresher on creating new style effects in the Modify Style dialog box, see Chapter 12,
“Applying and Customizing Quick Styles.”
If you want to undo your selections and reset the options to their default settings, click
the Reset button in the Table Of Contents Options dialog box.
Adding Indexes
An index is one of those things that you might not notice until you discover that it’s missing.
Suppose that you are researching current statistics on Web advertising. Your own startup
business will rely on advertising for a revenue stream, and this is an important item to
include in a business plan that you hope will attract investors. You have a number of
reports that the chief executive officer (CEO) passed along to you about the state of the
Web, but none of them includes an index to direct you to the advertising statistics you
need. Now you’ll need to spend the afternoon skimming the reports to find the data.
A properly prepared index would save a lot of aggravation. An index entry might include
the following items to help you get right to the information you’re looking for:
A primary topic (for example, Advertising)
A subtopic (such as Web)
Page numbers (inserted automatically by the indexing tool)
Cross-references (for example, See also Banner advertising )
Each of these elements help readers find the topics they want to learn more about. Primary
topics and subtopics are both alphabetized; subtopics are indented within primary topics,
and cross-references appear in place of page numbers, along the right edge of the index
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