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Indexing with Word
One place you can get clues for important index terms is your table of contents. Which
words and phrases are used in your headings? Definitely include those terms in your
index and look for plenty of opportunities to create subentries from the topics within
those sections.
Indexing with Word
Creating indexes in Word is an interactive process that is partly hands-on and partly
automatic. You create a Word index in three basic stages:
1. Mark the index entries in your document.
2. Position the cursor at the point in the document where you want to place the index
(typically this is the end of the document).
3. Use the Insert Index command to compile the index from the entries you entered.
If there are terms you’re sure to include in your index, you can add them to a
concordance file. Word will use the file to quickly mark the index entries you want. For more
about creating a concordance file, see the section titled “AutoMarking Entries with a
Concordance File,” on page 728.
Creating Index Entries
The first step in creating your index is to indicate which words and phrases you want to
include in the index. Word makes it easy for you to enter index entries as you go. And once
you display the Mark Index Entry dialog box, you can mark additional entries, add
subentries, and add cross-references and page ranges.
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