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Converting Documents from Earlier Versions of Word
When you choose Advanced Properties, the Properties dialog box appears, giving you the
option of entering and working with document properties by entering information in
the General, Summary, Statistics, Contents, and Custom tabs.
To learn more about customizing your document to use document properties in content
controls, see Chapter 27, “Customizing Documents with Content Controls.”
By clicking Show All Properties at the bottom of the Properties panel on the Info tab
you can add additional properties fields so that you can view and modify those settings
as well. The additional properties include Status, Template, Categories, Subject,
Hyperlink Base, and Company. You might use Status, for example, to update the progress on
the document or use Categories to indicate which department has ownership of the
Converting Documents from Earlier Versions of Word
When you are working with documents created or saved in previous versions of Word,
the document is automatically opened in Compatibility Mode . Word 2010 shows you that
Compatibility Mode is in effect by displaying [Compatibility Mode] in the title bar of the
document. When you display the Info tab for a file created in a previous version of Word,
you will see the Compatibility Mode group, which contains the Convert command. Using
this command, you can convert the file to Word 2010 format so that all the features in the
latest version of the program are available to you as you work on the file.
Will you worry about maintaining compatibility with others who aren’t using Word
2010 if you convert the file? Microsoft has made a converter available free of charge
for users who aren’t interested in upgrading their version of Microsoft Office but still
need to trade files with Office 2010 and Office 2007 users. This way you get the best of
both worlds—you can share files with other users and still get the best the program has
to offer. You’ll find the Microsoft Compatibility Pack available on the Microsoft
Downloads site.
To convert the file to Word 2010 format, simply click Convert (see Figure 2-11). A message
box appears, alerting you that the file will be converted into the new format. Click OK to
complete the operation.
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