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Protecting the Document
Word 2010 makes it easy for you to set varying levels of protection for your document, and
the Permissions group on the Info tab shows you which features are in effect for your
current file. Here’s how to protect your document in Backstage view:
1. Click the File tab to display Backstage view.
In the Permissions group, click Protect Document.
3. Click the option that best reflects the type of protection you want to add to the file:
Mark As Final This option makes your document as read-only so others can’t
change it.
Encrypt With Password Word prompts you (twice) to assign a password so
only those with the password can open the file.
Note that although password protecting a document in this way is suitable
protection for some documents, for highly sensitive information you also need
other means of protection as well.
Restrict Editing With this option, you can choose the level of editing you
want various users to be able to perform.
Restrict Permission By People This enables you to set the limits of editing
by role so people with specific functions are given the permissions you specify.
Add A Digital Signature You can add a digital signature to the document to
help ensure the authenticity of the file.
Figure 2-12 shows how as you make choices to protect your document. Your selections are
displayed in the Permissions group so you can always keep track of the protection features
in use in the current document. When you return to the document window via the File tab,
you see that the message bar shows the new level of protection and provides a button you
can click for more information (see Figure 2-13).
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