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Checking Document Compatibility
Checking Document Compatibility
In the Prepare For Sharing group on the Info tab, you’ll find the Check For Issues tool (see
Figure 2-14). This tool contains three checkers you can use to ensure that your document is
ready for sharing with others outside your organization. The following list describes each:
Inspect Document Word will let you know whether the file contains any sensitive
personal or business information, hidden comments, or XML data you might not
want to share.
Check Accessibility This ensures that users with varying levels of ability will be able
to read your file.
Check Compatibility This checks your document to locate any features that will
not be available to people who are using previous versions of Word.
Both the Inspect Document and Check Accessibility features are covered in Chapter 21, “Shar-
ing Your Documents,” so this section focuses on showing you how to check the compatibility
of the documents you create and use in Word 2010.
The Word 2010 Compatibility Checker helps you identify which elements in your document
are not fully supported in previous versions of Word. If there’s any possibility that your
document will be viewed by people who use earlier versions of Word, use the Compatibility
Checker to ensure that you know how your document will look to all recipients.
Figure 2-14 You can check file compatibility on the Info tab of Backstage view.
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