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Checking Document Compatibility
Word 2007 and Word 2010 use the same file format (.docx), so saving to a previous
version of Word means saving to the Word 97-2003 format or earlier.
The Compatibility Checker evaluates your document and displays a report that lets you
know how things in your file will change (see Figure 2-15). For example, the following list
provides some of the more common changes made when you save a Word 2010 document
to a previous version format:
Building block information becomes static text
OpenType font features are removed
Citations and bibliographical entries cannot be updated
Charts become single elements
Text effects are removed
Content Controls become static text
Embedded objects can no longer be edited
Equations are converted to images
SmartArt graphics are converted to single objects that cannot be edited
Text box positioning might change
Tracked moves are shown as deletions and insertions
Figure 2-15 The Microsoft Word Compatibility Checker lets you know how features will
change when you save a Word 2010 document to an earlier format.
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