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Recovering Draft Versions of Your Files
If you are not sure what a summary item means, you can click the Help link below the
number of occurrences in the Summary area to view additional information.
After you review changes, click OK and then either save the document in Word 97-2003
format knowing what changes will take place or make changes in your document and run
the Compatibility Checker again.
Recovering Draft Versions of Your Files
Most computer users have experienced losing data at one time or another—whether
because of a badly timed power outage, a glitch in the program, a sudden lockup, or
forgetful moment. To help reduce the risk of losing data, Word includes the AutoRecover and
Background Saves features, which are both activated by default. These two features work
together to help save your information without interrupting your workflow too much.
Here’s what they do:
AutoRecover Creates temporary files of open documents. These files are used if
your system crashes or if there’s a power failure. These files are considered temporary
because they are deleted when you either close the open documents or exit Word.
Background Saves   Allows you to  continue working in Word while you save a
document. A lashing disk icon appears on the status bar when a background save is
taking place. You can toggle background saves off and on using the Allow Background
Saves option found in Word Options in the Advanced section under the Save options.
If you attempt to save a long document while Word is still performing a background
save, you might get a Same Name error because Word uses the same file name to
complete both save operations. If this occurs, simply wait a moment until the background
save is complete and then save the document normally. You can tell when a document
is being saved by looking for the Save message and Save Progress bar on the status bar
at the bottom of the Word window.
Changing the AutoRecover Save Interval
B y default, the AutoRecover feature in Word stores unsaved changes made to an
active file every 10 minutes. You can turn off the AutoRecover feature or change
the frequency of AutoRecover saves by changing the Save settings in the Word Options
dialog box. Click the File tab to display Backstage view then click Options. Click the
Save section and change the setting in Save AutoRecover Information Every __ Minutes
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