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Recovering Unsaved Files
When you close a recovery file without saving it, the recovery file is deleted—you can’t
recover a deleted recovery file. Furthermore, when you close Word after recovering
documents, you will not be able to re-access the various saved versions whether you deleted
them or not. If you are not sure which file to save, consider saving all of the recovered files
with different names so you can compare and review the files without losing any of them.
After you are sure which file you want to keep, you can delete the files you don’t need in
the same manner you delete any other Word file.
Recovering Unsaved Files
Although Word’s ability to recover files after a lockup can help you avoid losing important
content you’ve created, what is there to help you if you forget to save a file and the power
goes out? Now Word 2010 provides a way to recover documents that you didn’t have a
chance to save. Gathered from those background saves you barely notice, the Recover
Unsaved Documents feature gives you access to those versions of the file you didn’t think
to keep. You can then open, save, and work with the content as you like.
You’ll find this feature on the Info tab of Backstage view. To access the content in unsaved
versions of your file, follow these steps:
1. Click the Manage Versions button and choose Recover Draft Versions from the list
that appears (see Figure 2-16).
Figure 2-16 Access unsaved drafts of your document by choosing Manage Versions on
the Info tab of Backstage view.
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