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Accessing Recent Files
In the Open dialog box, Word displays the folder containing the unsaved drafts.
Select the file you want and click Open.
3. The message bar alerts you that the file is a draft version and prompts you to click
Save As if you want to save the file and use the content (see Figure 2-17).
Click Save As to display the Save As dialog box then choose the folder and file name
for the saved file.
4. Click Save to complete the process.
Figure 2-17 When you open a draft version of the file, Word 2010 prompts you to save
the file.
Accessing Recent Files
Use the Recent tab in Backstage view to choose your most recent documents—and identify
your favorite most recent documents—from a nice, long list (see Figure 2-18). The scrollable
list provides access to a maximum of 22 of your most recent documents; you can click the
pushpin to “pin” the document to the list so that it does not scroll off as you continue to
open and work with files.
The number of files that appear beneath the fast commands area in the Backstage tabs
column is determined by the value set in Quickly Access This Number of Recent Documents,
located at the bottom of the Recent files list. If you want to increase the number of
documents displayed there, increase the value in the box. The documents displayed in that area
of the Recent tab will show pinned documents first, followed by the most recent documents
in your Recent files list.
You can change the number of files displayed in the Recent Documents list by clicking
Options, choosing the Advanced tab, and then in the Display area, entering a new value
in the Show This Number of Recent Documents field.
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