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Saving and Sending Your Documents
Wondering where you’ll save your file on the Web? Windows Live SkyDrive is a free
file-sharing utility available at and is often used by home and
small business users. Microsoft SharePoint is a server technology that is typically used
by larger businesses at the enterprise level. Microsoft Office Professional Plus includes
SharePoint Workspace 2010, so users who have access to Microsoft SharePoint can take
their files ofline and share them easily with others in a collaborative workspace.
Figure 2-21 You will use the Save & Send tab to choose how you want to share the documents
you create in Word 2010.
The Save & Send tab provides you with various options for sharing your files; you can also
set up the necessary accounts (for example, when you click Save To Web, you are given the
option to sign in to your Windows Live account or sign up for one if you don’t already have
one). After you sign in to Windows Live, you can save your file to Windows Live SkyDrive by
clicking the Save To Web tool and prepare to share the files from that online point.
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