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Setting Up the Microsoft Word Trust Center
Setting Up the Microsoft Word Trust Center
The Microsoft Word Trust Center provides enhanced privacy and security options when you
are working with files from other sources or sharing the files you create. To display the Trust
Center, on the File tab, click Options from Backstage view. In the Word Options dialog box,
click Trust Center.
The opening screen of the Trust Center provides you with a series of links concerning
privacy and security. Click the Trust Center Settings button on this first screen to see the full
range of choices available to you (see Figure 2-26). The following list describes the types of
items you can set up in each of the Trust Center categories:
Figure 2-26 The Trust Center provides you with a number of categories you can use to protect
your files and your computer system.
Trusted Publishers With this option, you can specify which publishers of
information, add-ins, and more you deem to be trustworthy. Only add people and
organizations you know to be secure (it’s better to be prompted each time you open a file if
there’s any chance that a file might be corrupt or have a virus attached). When you
specify a publisher as a Trusted Publisher, Word automatically trusts macros in any
files from that source.
Trusted Locations This is a list of acceptable locations and sites you trust. The
locations might store documents or templates that include macros. You can add
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