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Setting Up the Microsoft Word Trust Center
new locations, modify existing locations, and remove locations by using this setting.
When you open a document or template from a trusted location, the macros will be
enabled automatically; you won’t be prompted to enable or disable them.
Trusted Documents With this option, you can create a list of files that you have
determined are safe, from trustworthy sources. You can instruct Word 2010 that all
files from a particular server are to be trusted or add individual documents to your
Trusted Documents list.
Add-Ins This option controls the way in which Word treats all third-party add-in
utilities. There are three options in this setting: You can insist that all add-ins be
digitally signed by the publisher; be prompted when an add-in is unsigned (the code will
be blocked); or disallow all add-ins.
ActiveX Settings You can control how you want Word to handle all Microsoft
ActiveX controls that are not recognized as being from a trusted source. Options
range from disallowing the ActiveX controls to running in Safe Mode with restrictions.
Macro Settings This gives you options to control whether the macros you run in
a document must be from a trusted source and digitally signed. You also have the
option of enabling all macros (which isn’t recommended) or disabling all macros.
Protected View This is a new setting in Word 2010 with which you can open a
file in safe mode so that you can see the file contents but not edit what’s there. The
Protected View message bar enables you to make the call by clicking Enable Editing
once you determine that the file is from a trustworthy source.
Message Bar The Message Bar is where you can specify when you want the Trust
Center to display alerts in the Message Bar that appears just below the Ribbon. When
you are opening a file from a questionable source, the Message Bar tells you that the
source is not trusted and gives you options for proceeding. The Message Bar settings
in the Trust Center give you the option of turning this notification off (it is turned on
by default). Additionally, the Enable Trust Center Logging check box at the bottom of
this screen gives you the choice of logging all notifications you receive in the
Message Bar.
File Block Use these settings to choose which files Word 2010 will open
automatically and which you want to block and prompt you for further action. Word
developers have found that the file opening process—especially for files opened from the
Web or from unrecognized sources—often represent a vulnerability for Word files. To
safeguard the files that are opened, Word 2010 blocks the opening of any suspicious
files and then prompts you before enabling editing in the file.
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