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Figure 2-44. The Refresh Data window
Now that you finished the diagram, publish it to the sharepoint environment. Choose File ➤
save as ➤ sharepoint ➤ Browse (select sharepoint document library) ➤ Visio Drawing
to save the file to sharepoint as Mall.vsdx .
alternatively, you can save the Mall.vsdx file locally, open the sharepoint site, and upload
Mall.vsdx to the Visio Library.
Click on the Visio drawing you uploaded, and view the drawing that is rendered in the
if sQL server is on the same machine, the drawing will render correctly. however, if you are
accessing sQL server from a different machine or if you are on a domain controller, you’ll see
the error shown in Figure 2-45 .
Figure 2-45. Error refreshing the data connection in the Web drawing
if you encounter this error, it’s because of a scenario well-known as the double-hop issue .
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