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Refresh Key: To refresh a key (Figure 2-49 ), you again need Administrator rights, as well as the
pass phrase you set when you created the key.
Figure 2-49. Enter the pass phrase to refresh a key
refreshing a key will be necessary if you add a new application server to the existing server farm, if you
restore a secure store service database, or if you receive errors such as “Unable to get master key.”
secure store services has its own database. Whenever you create a new key or refresh an existing key,
be sure to back up the database.
After you have successfully created the new key, click the New button under Manage
Target Applications on the Edit tab of the ribbon and provide the following information
in the Target Application Settings window:
Target Application ID: A unique identifier that will be used in service applications as
the unattended service account reference for authentication. You can’t change the Target
Application ID once it is created.
Display Name: A name used for display only.
Contact E-mail: The primary e-mail for this Application ID.
Target Application Type: Specify Individual for individual users and Group for group
Target Application Page URL: Selecting Use default page will result in the sign-up page
http://yoursite/_layouts/SecureStoreSetCredentials.aspx?TargetAppId=<applicationId >
being used; this option is available only when you select the Individual Target Application
Type. If you select Use custom page , you need to create a page first and provide its URL.
This page is used to authenticate users. Choose None if you don’t want a sign-up page.
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