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Return to the Secure Store Services window, and choose the Target Application ID created in the
previous step. Click the Set button on the Credentials tab of the Edit tab, as shown in Figure 2-52 .
Figure 2-52. Set Secure Store Service Application ID credentials
On the Set Credentials for Secure Store Target Application screen (Figure 2-53 ), enter values
for Credential Owner , Windows User Name , and Windows Password (and Confirm Windows
Password ), and click OK. Credential owners are the members (individuals or group) of the
target application that will impersonate credentials when accessing external data.
Figure 2-53. Setting credentials for the target application
Because you will be using sss for your Visio diagram to connect to the sQL server instance, you need to enter
the user credentials of those who have permissions to the Visioservices database from where you will load data. it must
be credential for low-privilege users, not an administrator.
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