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The previous step creates a new SSS Application ID that can be used to connect to SQL Server from service
applications that require additional authentication to retrieve data.
Using Visio with SQL Server and SSS
Now let’s configure Visio Services to use the new Application ID:
Go to Central Administration Application Management Service Applications
Manage Service Applications, and choose Visio Graphics Service.
Click on the Global Settings in the External Data section, and enter VisioServices under
Application ID (Figure 2-54 ). Click OK.
Figure 2-54. Set the External Data Unattended Service Account Applicaion ID
application iDs are set for each service application, such as Visio Graphics service. You can also have two
Visio Graphics service applications set for one Web application: one default and the other a Custom Visio Graphics
service application. For that, create a new application iD with different credentials and set them to a new Custom
service application. You can then add the new custom service application to the web application service Connections.
This sets the authorization proxy for the Visio Graphics Services to connect to the SQL Server database and
retrieve data without losing the user context.
other settings on Visio Graphics services under Global settings include the following:
Maximum Web Drawing Size : this is the size of web drawing file that can be set, between 1 and 50 MBs.
the bigger the file size, the slower the rendering and performance.
Minimum Cache Age : this is the minimum duration in minutes each drawing is cached in memory. set the value to
zero if you need real-time data. however, setting this value to zero or too low puts a load on CpU and memory usage.
the allowable range is 0 to 34560. this parameter is valid only for data-driven web drawings.
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