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Maximum Cache Age : this is the value in minutes after which the cached drawings are removed from memory. You need to set
this to zero (in addition to setting the Minimum Cache age value to zero) to get real-time data. setting this value too high increases
memory consumption, but it decreases file i/o and load on the CpU. this parameter is valid only for static web drawings.
Maximum Recalc Duration : this is the value in seconds of the period before an operation times out before a data refresh.
the allowable range is between 10 and 120.
Open your SharePoint site, and click on Mall.vsdx in the Visio Library document library to
open the Visio diagram in full-screen mode.
Because you have set the SSS, data should display accurately from the database, with the
data graphics populating the correct information on the shapes.
On SQL Server, go to the tblLandmarks table and change the data in the rows.
Return to the SharePoint site, and refresh the Visio diagram to view the real-time changes
in the diagram for the shapes, as shown in Figure 2-55 .
Figure 2-55. Visio drawing connected to a SQL Server data source and published to SharePoint
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