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Figure 2-57. Adding the Content Editor web part to the page
edit the Content editor web part, and paste the link to assets.js in the Content Link text box.
Verify the link by clicking on Test link UrL below the text box. if the UrL is accurate, the
assets.js file will be downloaded to your disk.
Click apply and oK on the editor part pane to return the page to normal mode.
save and close the page.
You should now see that the Content editor web part displays the text “landmark details…”
in red, as shown in Figure 2-58 .
Figure 2-58. The Content Editor web part with the Visio Web Access web part
Click on any shape—for instance, on the White house—and see that the text on the Content
editor web part changes to the White house details, as shown in Figure 2-59 . try clicking on
other shapes. Notice that the text changes on the Content editor web part instantly without
a page refresh.
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