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Alright, once any shape is selected or changed on the active page, you need the corresponding shape and the
shape data. You need to get to Shape Data to get the column values. Use the method getItemById() that’s submitted
through the event arguments:
var _activePage = _visioWebPart.getActivePage();
var _shape = _activePage.getShapes();
var _shapeItem = _shape.getItemById(args);
var _shapeData = _shapeItem.getShapeData();
var _description = "";
for (var j = 0; j < _shapeData.length; j++)
if (_shapeData[j].label == "Details"){
_description = _shapeData[j].value;
Finally, you get the description and assign it to the div text, like so:
document.getElementById('landmarkDetails') = _description;
Now, suppose your business analyst wants to create a simple workflow using a Visio diagram? Is there a way to
connect this diagram to one of the available workflows easily? The answer is yes, and as you’ll see in the next section,
you can use a Visio diagram to create a workflow and, by using SharePoint Designer, you can enable the workflow
and deploy (attach) it to a list.
Working with SharePoint Designer 2013
This scenario can be achieved using Visio 2013 diagrams with SharePoint Designer 2013, which also allows importing
and exporting Visio diagrams, attaching workflows to them, and then publishing to a SharePoint environment.
prOBLeM CaSe
one of the leading fast-food chains (let’s call it “tasty Foods”) wants to collect feedback from its customers
on various food items. the feedback form must be filled out by the customer using an online web application.
Customers must enter their full name, food item, and e-mail address, and they must leave comments. if the
customer doesn’t enter a comment, the workflow status will be rejected ; if she does, the status will be approved .
there are three major components that will be used in this case:
a sharepoint list, used as the feedback form (
responsibility of the developer ).
a Visio diagram to create the workflow design (
responsibility of the business analyst ).
sharepoint Designer to enable the workflow and deploy (attach) it to the list (
of the developer ).
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