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From the Workflow tab on the ribbon, click the Check for Errors button and then save the
workflow (Figure 2-68 ).
Figure 2-68. Save and Publish the workflow to the SharePoint list
publish this workflow to the list using the publish button on the Workflow tab.
these steps will validate and publish the workflow to the corresponding list.
open the sharepoint site and the tasty Foods Feedback list.
Go to List ➤ List settings, and click on the Workflow settings in the Permissions and
Management section. You can also access the Workflow settings from List ➤ Workflow
settings (settings section on the ribbon) ➤ Workflow settings (from the drop down).
Locate the Workflow you just submitted. if the workflow is published more than once, a new version is created.
return to the list, and click new item, which brings up the New item screen as shown
in Figure 2-69 .
Figure 2-69. Adding a new item to the feedback form
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