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<endpoint address=" http://localhost:<portnumber>/VisioWcfServices.svc "
binding="basicHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="BasicHttpBinding_IServerStatus"
contract="WcfDataService.IServerStatus" name="BasicHttpBinding_IServerStatus" />
Designing the Visio Diagram
open Visio 2013, and create a blank diagram. Choose the Network ➤ servers - 3D (Us units)
stencil from More shapes ➤ Network.
From the Insert tab, add a Container block. From the diagram parts (under servers-3d), and
add three servers: Web Server , Database Server , and Application Server . Name the Container
block as Test Servers, as shown in Figure 2-79 .
Figure 2-79. Designing a Visio diagram for test servers
right now, there is no data source configured. While your Visio diagram is open, press alt+F11 to open Microsoft
Visual Basic for applications. in the project window, double-click on ThisDocument under Visio objects to open the
code view. paste the code in Listing 2-8 into the code area.
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