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press or click on the run button on the menu to execute the LoadData( ) subroutine. F5
pressing Alt+F11 will toggle back to the Visio diagram. Under the external Data tab, the data
will be loaded as shown in Figure 2-81 .
Figure 2-81. The Visio diagram loading external data using VBA code
save the file as TestServers.vdw . Macros are not supported in vsdx file format, hence we will
be using vdw format for this example.
Drag and drop row data to the respective shapes, or set the text property to the shapes that
match the ServerName column and use the option Automatically Link all .
set the data graphics to display ServerIP and ServerName as Text , and ServerStatus as Color
by Value (Figure 2-82 ), such that if the value is (server is down) the server shows red and 0
if the value is (server is live), it shows green. 1
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