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Figure 3-3. Reporting Services configuration modes
Here are the details about the three options you have for on the Reporting Services Configuration screen:
Install the native mode default configuration: Select this option to install the report
server in its native mode, irrespective of SharePoint. If you choose this option, though,
you can technically use report server after installation, but you can’t run it in a SharePoint
environment. However, the Report Viewer Web Part can load native-mode reports. Skip this
option because you will be using the Reporting Services SharePoint mode.
Install the SharePoint mode default configuration: Choose this option to install report
server in SharePoint mode. You will also need to install and configure the Reporting Services
Add-in for SharePoint products. For this mode to be operational, SharePoint must be available
on the same computer. If it is not, choose the next option. The SharePoint mode report
server is installed as a SharePoint Shared Service, and it allows Reporting Services to use the
enterprise and administrative features of SharePoint.
Install, but do not configure the report server: Choose this option to install but not
configure Reporting Services. When you decide to configure, you can simply run the Reporting
Services Configuration tool to set the various options.
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