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Click next to continue. in the “Select the report type” window, select tabular and click next.
in the “Design the table” window, you can choose where to place the fields on the report.
the page option displays fields at the page level, which means that for any field added to this
section, all pages see the value. a classic example in this case is the title field.
Use the group option to view other fields grouped with a selected field in the report table. For
instance, you can use this option when you want to group items by some category or by date.
Finally, choose Details to view the fields in the Details section of the report table. in this
example, because our aim is to display internet Sales amount grouped by Category and
Subcategory of products, you can simply use the group and Details options shown
in Figure 3-6 .
Figure 3-6. Designing the table in the Report Wizard
Select the Category, Subcategory, and product fields and click on the group button.
now select internet_Sales_amount and click the Details button. Click next to continue.
in the “Choose the table Layout” window, select the Stepped option and click the
“enable drilldown” check box. Click next to continue.
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