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From the “Choose the table Style” window, select Corporate and click next to continue.
Finally, provide the report name as “rptinternetSales” and click Finish. You can choose to
preview the report by selecting the “preview report” option before clicking Finish.
if you opt to preview, your report will now open in preview mode. to toggle the design mode,
simply click on the Design tab. Because the title of the report table will automatically inherit
the report name, you have to manually change it if you want to display a proper name. Set
the title to “product internet Sales” in design mode. adjust the table column widths so that
they fit values without wrapping.
in the internet Sales amount column, right-click on the field [internet_Sales_amount] and
choose text Box properties. in the text Box properties window, select the number property
in the left pane and choose the Currency category as shown in Figure 3-7 . You can leave the
other values at the defaults and click oK.
Figure 3-7. Choose Text Box Properties for a specific column field
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