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Figure 3-9. Adding a new app (folders) in the library
this data connection library and the corresponding folders will be used as placeholders for the data sources,
datasets, and report parts you design in the report. these will be used only when you share any data sources,
datasets, and report parts in your report. if you don’t share, these libraries will be empty even after deploying the
reports. Create one more document library to publish the report itself.
From the Library Menu “add an app”, select the Document Library template, name it
report Library, and click Create.
ok! Your infrastructure is ready. You can now publish your report and its data source to Sharepoint.
return to SSDt and in Solution explorer, right-click your report project and select properties.
You need to set the deployment options on the project property page to those in Listing 3-1.
Listing 3-1. Basic Report Property Page settings
Target Dataset Folder - http://yoursharepointsite/datasets
Target Data Source Folder - http://yoursharepointsite/data%20sources
Target Report Folder - http://yoursharepointsite/report%20library
Target Report Part Folder - http://yoursharepointsite/rs%20data%20connections/report%20parts
Target Server URL – http://yoursharepointsite/
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