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Leave all the other options as they are, and click oK to close the window.
right-click the project in Solution explorer, choose Build, and ensure there are no errors.
again, right-click on the project, but this time choose the Deploy option. verify that the
deployment was successful, as shown in Figure 3-10 .
Figure 3-10. Deployment status output window
the deployment uses the target library settings indicated in Listing 3-1, and the report is deployed to report
Library. return to your Sharepoint site, and access the report Library document library. You should now see the
rptinternetSales.rdl file in the report library. Because the data source is embedded in this example, nothing will
be deployed to the dataset or data source folders.
if you created a shared data source, it is deployed to the report server’s data connections/data sources library folder.
to view the report, simply click on the rptinternetSales.rdl file to render the report in
the browser as shown in Figure 3-11 . Because the report you authored has drill-down
capabilities, you can expand a group under the product category and view the internet sales
amount value for a given product.
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