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Once you choose one of those options, the click-once application (Figure 3-14 ) will launch
Report Builder and request user permission to run the application, as shown in Figure 3-15 .
Figure 3-14. Launching Report Builder
Figure 3-15. Asking user permission
Click the Run button to download and run the Report Builder application. Once it loads,
you‘ll see the rptInternetSales.rdl file open in design mode. Let’s add some additional
functionality to this report now.
Select the Insert tab on the ribbon, and click on Chart from the Data Visualization section.
Choose Chart Wizard from the drop-down menu.
In the New Chart Wizard window, select the option “Choose an existing dataset in this
report or a shared dataset” and click on DataSet1. Click Next to continue.
Specify the chart type as Pie, and click Next to continue.
In the “Arrange chart fields” window, from the “Available fields” list, select Internet_
Sales_Amount and drag it to the Sum Values section as shown in Figure 3-16 . Then select
Subcategory, and drag it to the Categories section and click on Next.
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