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Figure 3-20. The SSRS Report Viewer with the Internet Sales report loaded
Is there a way to create a new report using Report Builder? Yes! And it’s quite simple, too. When you install
Reporting Services in SharePoint integrated mode, you will have Reporting Services predefined content types
automatically enabled on the site. Let’s see what different content types are available and how to use them on
your SharePoint site.
Reporting Services Content Types
Reporting Services content types are enabled on SharePoint sites that are integrated with Reporting Services, which
you can use to manage Report Builder reports (.rdl) and shared data sources (.rsds). You can enable these content
types in a library so that you can create new documents of these types.
Before setting up these content types in a library, you will have to verify few things on the site. First, make sure
you are a site collection administrator or have full permissions. Second, ensure that the Report Server Integration
Feature is Active in the site collection feature of your site. This feature provides the necessary infrastructure, content
types, and so forth for the site. This feature should have been activated when you configured your SharePoint site for
Reporting Services earlier in this chapter (Figure 3-16 ).
You’ll find the content types available under Report Server Content Types. Because you already created a Report
Library document library earlier, go ahead and enable these content types on it:
Open the Report Library document library. From the Library tools Library tab menu on
the ribbon, click Library Settings.
Click the Advanced Settings link under General Settings, and ensure that “Yes” is selected
for “Allow management of content types?” Click OK to return to the Document Library
Settings window.
Click Add from existing site content types under Content Types.
From the Select Content Types section, in the “Select site content types” drop-down list,
choose SQL Server Reporting Services Content Types.
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