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return to report Library, and right-click on the rptinternetSales item. From the eCB menu,
choose Manage Data Sources.
Click on the dsadventureWorks data source item. in the Credentials section on the Data
Source Connection information screen, select Stored credentials.
enter your domain username for User name, and enter the corresponding password in
the password text box that has access to the data source. Most importantly, make sure
you select the check box that says “Use as Windows credentials.” this ensures that the
credentials act as if they are running in Windows authentication mode, which is what is
required for SQL Server analysis Services (SSaS) databases.
Click on test Connection to ensure that the credentials have access to the data sources,
as shown in Figure 3-23 . on verification, you will see the connection status under the test
Connection button.
Figure 3-23. Manage report data source connection credentials
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