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Click oK to return to the data source information page. Click the Close button to return to
your report Library document library. From the eCB menu, select Manage Subscriptions
and click add Subscription.
in the Subscription properties window, select Sharepoint Document Library as the Delivery
enter the path of the document library, or use the browse button next to the text box.
Under File options, enter a valid file name. if you’d like to append the file extension, choose
“append file extension to name.” the file extension is decided based on the output format
you choose in the next setting. For instance, if you use “rptinternetSales” as the file name
and choose the MhtML (web archive) format, the delivered subscription would have the file
name rptinternetSales.mhtml . if you don’t choose this option, the file will have no extension.
if you’d like to set the title property of the file, set its value in the title input box.
Choose MhtML (web archive) as the output format from the drop-down list.
Under overwrite options, select the option named “overwrite existing file or create new
version of file”.
Under Delivery event, select “on a custom schedule” and click the Configure button.
in the Schedule definition window, select the Frequency as Day. Under Schedule, select
“repeat after this number of days” and set the value as 1. Select the Start time as 8:00 a.M.
Under “Start and end Dates,” specify “Begin running this schedule on” as the current date.
if you’d like to run it forever, just leave “Stop running this schedule on” blank and click oK.
on returning to the Subscription properties window, click oK.
to run Schedules, make sure that SQL Server agent (MSSQLServer) is running.
You should now be able to view the newly created subscription in the Manage Subscriptions
window as shown in Figure 3-24 .
Figure 3-24. Manage subscriptions to a report
return to the previously created subscription reports library and you should see that a copy
of the report is saved as shown in Figure 3-25 .
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