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Notice that square brackets—[ ]—are used when there’s a space in the dimension/member.
Looks easy, yes? But what if you need just a part of the cube value and not the whole thing? Let’s say you need just
prod1 sales in the East region. Well that’s definitely a valid constraint. To address this, you use tuples in a cube.
Tuples and Sets
A tuple is an address within the cube. You can define a tuple based on what you need. It can have one or more
dimensions and one measure as a logical group. For instance, if we use the same example, data related to the East
region during the fourth quarter can be called one tuple. So the following is a good example of a tuple:
(Region.East, Time.[Quarter 4], Product.Prod1)
You can design as many as tuples you need within the limits of dimensions.
A set is a group of zero or more tuples. Remember that you can’t use the terms tuples and sets interchangeably.
Suppose you want two different areas in a cube or two tuples with different measures and dimensions. That’s where
you use a set. (See Figure 1-9 .)
Figure 1-9. OLAP cube showing tuples and a set
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