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Figure 4-15. The ECT EmployeesList_From_HR window
the eCt is now ready and can be used in your sharepoint site. to access the external data source via the eCt,
you need an external list, which is available out of the box in spF/sps 2013.
you can choose to create the external list either from sharepoint Designer or from the sharepoint site.
Create an External List
Click on the Create Lists & Form menu in the Lists & Forms section of the ribbon. on the Create List and Form
for <eCt> ➤ Create new external List option, enter List name and List Description. Leave the other settings at
the defaults, and click oK. this action creates a new external list on your sharepoint site. notice that the external
Lists section in the eCt designer window will now display the external list name and urL. you can return to your
sharepoint site and view your new external list.
to create an external list from your sharepoint site, follow these steps:
open your sharepoint site.
From site settings ➤ site Content, click the “add an app” button.
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