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From the available apps, select external List and click on Create. the team Collaboration
Lists site feature must be enabled for the external List app to be available.
enter the name, Description, and navigation values.
in the “Data source configuration” section, for the external Content type, click the select
external Content type icon (which is the second icon to the right of the input).
in the external Content type picker window, choose the eCt you created and click oK as
shown in Figure 4-16 . Click on the Create button in the Create external List window.
Figure 4-16. Choosing the External Content Type
on successful creation of the list, when a user attempts to open and view list data, he or she will receive the error
“access denied by Business Data Connectivity.” there are two factors to understand here. First, the logged-in
user needs to have permission to execute the eCt that created the list. second, the logged-in user should have
permissions on the sQL server back end to read data from the adventureWorks database employee table. Let’s
see how to configure both of these settings.
Configure External Content Type Permissions
When an ECT is created, it is added to the BDC Metadata Store and can be accessed under BDC Metadata Store
views, from which you need to manually configure the permissions related to the ECT. To do this, open Central
Administration and from Application Management Service Applications Manage service applications, click on
Business Data Connectivity Services. From the available list of ECTs, choose the ECT you created earlier. Then, from
its ECB menu, click on Set Permissions (Figure 4-17 ).
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