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Figure 4-17. Setting permissions on an External Content Type
In the Set Object Permissions window (Figure 4-18 ), in the “To add an account” box, enter a user account or
group and click the Add button. In the Permissions section, choose the set of permissions you’d like to assign to the
selected user. Choose or leave the value for propagating permissions, and click OK.
Figure 4-18. Setting object permissions to the external content type
Return to your SharePoint site, and access the external list you created earlier. You should now see that list
populated with Employee table details (Figure 4-19 ). To edit an item from the ECB menu on the BusinessEntityID,
click on Edit Item. In the Edit Item window, change any value and click on Save, which results in a data update.
Similarly, you can perform other operations, such as View Item, Delete Item, as well as create a New Item. Now,
why do you have an ECB menu on the BusinessEntityID column? It’s because BusinessEntityID was chosen as the
identifier in this example.
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