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Figure 4-19. Employee details loaded in an external list
Note that in the example, the logged-in user is an Administrator who has the necessary rights on the SQL back
end and so was able to view data. However, this will not be the case with every logged-in user. So do you end up giving
access to every user of your database? That’s not a recommended practice.
You will have to set up an unattended service account that has access to the database and will impersonate the
logged-in user. Secure Store Service (SSS) comes to your rescue in such cases. As discussed in previous chapters,
SSS replaces single sign-on and allows you to configure an unattended service account to avoid authentication issues.
Configure ECT Data Connections with Secure Store Service
In this section, you’ll learn how to configure ECT data connections with the Secure Store Service application. The steps
are similar to those you performed in Chapter 2. You can either skim through this section or skip it if you want to.
Open Central Administration Application Management Service Applications
Manage service applications, and click on Secure Store Service. In the Secure Store Service
management window, click the New button in the Manage Target Applications section.
In the Target Application Settings window, set the Target Application ID (to BCS-SSS),
Display Name, and Contact E-mail values. Specify the Target Application Type as
“Individual” and the Target Application Page URL as “Use default page,” and click Next.
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