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UPDATE HumanResources.Employee
Set NationalIDNumber = @NationalIDNumber,
LoginID = @LoginID,
JobTitle = @JobTitle,
BirthDate = @BirthDate,
MaritalStatus = @MaritalStatus,
Gender = @Gender,
HireDate = @HireDate,
SalariedFlag = @SalariedFlag,
VacationHours = @VacationHours,
SickLeaveHours = @SickLeaveHours,
CurrentFlag = @CurrentFlag,
ModifiedDate = @ModifiedDate
BusinessEntityID = @BusinessEntityID
now that you have the necessary stored procedures, let’s go ahead and create the project in visual studio 2012:
open visual studio, and create a sharepoint 2013 - empty project.
enter the sharepoint site urL to use for debugging, and choose for the solution to be
deployed as a farm solution. 8 Click Finish to continue.
right-click the project, and select add, new item, Business Data Connectivity Model (Farm
solution only).
after the project is successfully created, it will display windows that should look similar to
those in Figure 4-23 .
8 A farm solution is a full-trust solution that provides access to the entire SharePoint API, unrestricted data access, and all solution
functionalities. Farm solutions, however, can be deployed only by farm administrators and are unmonitored.
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