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Decision Support Systems and Data Mining
Both decision support systems and data mining systems are built using OLAP. While a decision support system gives
you the facts, data mining provides the information that leads to prediction. You definitely need both of these, because
one lets you get accurate, up-to-date information and the other leads to questions that can provide intelligence for
making future decisions. (See Figure 1-11 .) For example, decision support provides accurate information such as
“Dell stocks rose by 25 percent last year.” That’s precise information. Now if you pick up Dell’s sales numbers from the
last four or five years, you can see the growth rate of Dell’s annual sales. Using these figures, you might predict what
kind of sales Dell will have next year. That’s data mining.
Figure 1-11. Decision support system vs. data mining system
Data mining leads to prediction. prediction leads to planning. planning leads to questions such as “What if?”
these are the questions that help you avoid failure. Just as you use MDX to query data from cubes, you can use the DMX
(Data Mining extensions) language to query information from data-mining models in ssas.
Now let’s get to some real-time tools. What you need are the following:
SQL Server Database Engine (Installation of the SQL Server 2012 will provision it)
SQL Server Management Studio
SQL Server Integration Services
SQL Server Analysis Services
SQL Server Data Tools (formerly known as Business Intelligence Development Studio)
AdventureWorks 2012 DW2012 sample database.
installing sQl server 2012 with all the necessary tools is beyond the scope of this topic. We recommend you
go to Microsoft’s sQl server installation page at for
details on installation.
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