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Deploy the Solution
now it’s time to build, package, and deploy the solution to your sharepoint site. right-click on the project and
then click on Deploy. this essentially builds the project and deploys the package (.wsp) to your sharepoint site.
as mentioned earlier, the Business Data Connectivity Model template delivers two major pieces:
the BDC Model, which contains one or more entities
an external content type that actually contains metadata information related to the external system
open your Central administration web application, and go to application Management ➤
service applications ➤ Manage service applications ➤ Business Data Connectivity service.
observe the different views by choosing them from the drop-down menu in the view
section of the ribbon, as shown in Figure 4-28 .
Figure 4-28. ECT deployed to BDC Service Application
From the list of available eCts, select the previously created and deployed eCt from the
visual studio project.
From the eCB menu on the entity, select set permissions. enter a user account, and click
the add button. you can add more than one user account and set object permissions.
select the added user, set any permission (edit, execute, selectable in Clients, set
permissions) or all permissions, and click oK.
open your sharepoint site. From site actions ➤ More options, select external List and
click Create. in the Create new window, provide a name and Description and choose
whether or not to display the external list on the Quick launch.
in the “Data source configuration” section, pick the eCt you created earlier by clicking
on the select external Content type icon as shown in Figure 4-29 . then click on Create.
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