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using the BDC runtime, access the readList method from the previously deployed eCt entity1 and retrieve the
employee LoginiD and Job title.
First, take a look at the eCt we previously developed and deployed using visual studio—entity1. after it is
deployed, you can locate entity1 in Ca ➤ application Management ➤ service applications ➤ Manage service
applications ➤ Business Data Connectivity service. (refer back to Figure 4-33 .)
Before you begin, you will need a few values from the eCt, as well as the code from which it has been deployed.
Follow these steps:
note the name of the eCt and the corresponding namespace because you’ll be using them in
the BDC runtime (Figure 4-35 ).
Figure 4-35. Entity1 in the BDC Service Application
next, because the goal is to access the read List method, you need to obtain the exact method
name from the code. if you followed previous example, you know it is named ReadList .
Finally, you need the column names for the Login iD and job title, which are LoginID and JobTitle .
Launch visual studio. From File new project, select the visual C# Console application template and ensure
that you selected .net Framework 4.5. provide the name, Location, and solution name, and click oK. add
references to the following assemblies:
C:\program Files\Common Files\Microsoft shared\Web server
C:\program Files\Common Files\Microsoft shared\Web server
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