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entity.FindFiltered(filterCollection, method.Name, lobSystemInstance,
Console.WriteLine("Employee Login ID | Job Title");
while (entityInstanceEnumerator.MoveNext())
// Column names
Console.WriteLine(entityInstanceEnumerator.Current["LoginID"].ToString() +
" - " + entityInstanceEnumerator.
save the file, and then build and run the code. you should see output similar to what’s shown in Figure 4-36 .
Figure 4-36. Accessing external system data through the ECT using the BDC runtime
What you achieved just now is this: you are able to execute a finder method in the eCt and retrieve the data from
the external system. similarly, you can execute any method that you define in the eCt, whether it’s for updating
the data in a default view or reading a specific item.
note that the logic in the code is unaware of the external system. all it cares about is the eCt name, its finder
method, and the namespace. as long as these don’t change, your logic runs forever.
the BCs comes with many more features. you can use it with sharepoint and also integrate it with other office
applications, and you can work offline using sharepoint Workspace. in the next section, we will discuss some of
these capabilities.
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