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App-Scoped ECTs
The ECTs we developed so far could be deployed only at the farm level and required the involvement of a farm
administrator. The main issue with this approach is that farm administrator rights are needed even for simple
applications. SharePoint 2013 removes this limitation by introducing App-Scoped External Content Types . An app-scoped
ECT can be packaged with a SharePoint 2013 app and can run in isolation within the app boundaries. This eliminates the
need to involve the farm administrator for an installation of ECT. To understand more about SharePoint 2013 apps, refer
to the following MSDN link: .
An app-scoped ECT restricts the scope of the ECT to the app level. Further, the BDC model representing ECTs
is also packaged along with the app. This enables an app-scoped ECT to run in isolation, insulated from other
only one BDC model can be included per app, and only oData connections (covered in the next section)
are allowed.
Working with OData Sources
SharePoint 2013 introduces support for OData sources. BCS in SharePoint 2013 now allows connections to OData
sources. Open Data (OData) is a web protocol that provides simplified approach for data exchange between
applications and external data sources. OData is built on top of popular protocols like HTTP, Atom, and JSON.
To better understand app-scoped ECT and BCS support for OData sources, consider the following problem.
prOBLeM CaSe
Create an app-scoped eCt that connects to the northwind oData source (northwind oData service’s urL is ) , retrieves employee details, and makes them
available in a sharepoint 2013 app.
in this scenario, we are using a free-for-use Northwind oData data set provided by Microsoft,
which is based on a classic northwind database. you can view other live oData services at .
Launch visual studio, and create a new app for the sharepoint 2013 project.
name your project appscopedeCt, and click the oK button.
in the new app for sharepoint, provide a name for your app (appscopedeCt) and the sharepoint
site to use for debugging. select sharepoint-hosted as the hosting model for the app, and click
the Finish button.
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